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It is an offense to protect the traffic facilities without authorization

Update Time :2017-06-20The view :8980

In order to ensure the safety of road traffic, smooth, orderly, the public security traffic management department in accordance with the relevant standards and requirements, the establishment of various types of road traffic safety facilities. But there are still a small number of drivers ignore themselves and others safe, unauthorized movement, damage to traffic safety facilities, open a "dangerous door."

  Recently, the driver Chen, Lee, Wang, respectively, driving Chongqing H1XXX0, Chongqing BNXXX1, Yu H5XXX8 vehicles through the Xinhua Road, Wenfeng Road junction, for the convenience of driving convenience, unauthorized movement of road safety and isolation facilities water horse.

  Police found, through the investigation and evidence, were found three drivers. In front of the evidence, three drivers confessed to their illegal behavior.

  Qianjiang District Public Security Bureau Traffic Patrol Detachment According to the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law" Article 99, paragraph 1, paragraph 7, the deliberate mobile traffic facilities do not constitute a crime of three illegal persons were fined 1,000 yuan Of the punishment.

  The water horse used to regulate the traffic order belongs to the traffic safety facility and is prohibited from moving at will.

  Traffic facilities as a road accessory facilities, with the transmission of information, guiding vehicles and security protection and other functions, in regulating the order, improve the efficiency of the passage, eliminate security risks, prevent accidents, reduce accident damage and so play an increasingly important role, Move, destroy, damage to transport facilities, will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions.

  Beautiful Qianjiang by everyone! We hope that we will care about the central isolation fence, water horse, traffic signs and other types of road transport facilities, do not climb, climb, collision isolation fence, do not unauthorized to the road transport facilities "unlock", safe and civilized travel.