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What does the transport facility indicate?

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Traffic facilities are rails that are designed to ensure the safe and normal operation of the urban transport system. Tunnel. Elevated roads. Stations. Ventilation pavilions. Electrical and mechanical equipment. Power supply systems. Communication signals and other facilities.

Rail transportation equipment and facilities

China's rail transit facilities in the early construction of the main rely on imports, expensive, local financial unbearable, to a certain extent, limit the scale of China's urban rail transit expansion. Since the implementation of urban rail transit equipment localization policy, China's urban rail vehicle domestic achievements, domestic urban rail vehicles continue to emerge, independent innovation capability significantly enhanced. The current market across the country have set off a wave of urban rail transit construction, domestic rail transportation equipment market demand increased significantly, broad market space will be a strong pull China's rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry developed by leaps and bounds.

Development Prospect of Rail Transit

Overall, China's urban rail transit is still in the primary stage of development, the development mechanism is still not sound enough, but around the construction of urban rail transit enthusiasm is growing. With the accelerated pace of urbanization, the central city in the surrounding radiation, the construction of rail transit is also increasing the urgency. In order to alleviate the plight of rail transit construction funds, the government has vigorously called on foreign and private enterprises to enter the field of rail transit construction. At present, foreign investment mainly in equipment supply and technology to provide activities in the field of rail transit construction, private capital is due to excessive investment and temporarily difficult to intervene. With the continuous expansion of the scale of China's cities, the increase in the rate of industrial external transfer, foreign and private capital into the urban rail transit construction has become an inevitable trend.

According to the recent urban rail transit development plan, by 2012, of which, Beijing rail transit network will cover all the city center, the operating mileage will reach 440 km; Shanghai rail transit will form 13 lines, more than 300 stations, the total operating length More than 500 km of rail transit basic network. It is expected that by 2050, the total length of China's urban rail transit will exceed 4,500 kilometers.

Transportation facilities include

In order to prevent traffic accidents, to ensure the smooth traffic, full play of the function of the road, traffic safety measures must be set up, according to the needs of traffic flow and terrain, the situation of things, the road should be set up on the cross-road bridge (including underground crosswalk) Fences, lighting facilities, line of sight signs, emergency contact facilities and other similar facilities.

Traffic facilities are classified by function and product

Parking facilities, expressway transport facilities, municipal road transport facilities, rail (including rail) transport facilities and so on.

Transportation facilities The main products include

Parking lock, wheel lock, road piling, road cone, block car, guardrail, iron pier, mirror, spherical mirror, sunshine studio pillar, deceleration zone, isolation pier, spike, outline standard, barrier, Anti-glare board, reflective clothing, solar lights, light boxes, electric doors, all kinds of signs signs, all kinds of cold paint hot melt standard Line, parking line, reflective material, road cones, rubber road cones, wall protection, anti-collision bucket, isolation pier, Fang Xuan board, water horse, crash barrel, deceleration zone, parking lock, reflective signs, Contours, spiers, elastic column, triangle warning frame, wide-angle mirror, cordon, guardrail belt, crystal color grid, traffic clothing, highway accessory facilities, solar burst flash, solar yellow flashing lights, plum blossoms, LED baton product