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Parking facilities

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1: placed at the intersection, the door, the corners and the facilities that need to be protected. Pile with red and white reflective film, with a good warning effect, to avoid the collision of vehicles or protected objects across the border, the choice of high-quality road dedicated cold paint, mechanical spraying, uniform thickness, clear color.

Including parking spaces, channel lines, guided arrows, banned yellow line area, diversion belt, yellow and black warning signs and so on.

3: in the carway on both sides of the roadway dividing the edge line, specifications for the single solid line and a single dotted line, line width 150mm, color is white.

4: parking spaces marked according to the provisions of the national standard 5000mmx2500mm marking, such as the other facilities within the affected area, the appropriate adjustment in the construction, the line 150mm, the color is white.

5: in the garage import and export appropriate location marked arrows, specifications according to national standard.

6: in the garage entrance and other places to stop the ban area, the color is yellow. Used for hanging signs. Applicable to the channel on the channel after the installation of the sign post. Fix the ceiling or wall with expansion screws. Placed at the entrance of the underground garage channel, which can effectively prevent the ultra-high vehicles into the ground caused by damage to vehicles and buildings. The shelves can be equipped with the corresponding reflective signs, traffic lights or other facilities.