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How to pay attention to traffic safety in real life

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How to pay attention to traffic

First, the pedestrian took to the streets and crossed the road

1, pedestrian street to the sidewalk, do not go to the roadway.

2, through the streets, road crosswalk, do not cut off or red. Pedestrians crossing the road, standing on the roadside to see from the vehicle, through the nearest pedestrian crossing. Pass, you must see the left and right direction to drive, to ensure that the transmission distance is far from dangerous. Pedestrians crossing the road, do not suddenly change the route, suddenly conflict and then step back to prevent the car driver was surprised and not dangerous. More than two motorway intersections in the same direction, it is necessary to pay attention to the next to the vehicle close to or stop if there is a vehicle coming, do not see, do not take the risk. Township streets or roads through no crosswalk, depends on the left and the right to drive, do not run, do the same open road.

3, pedestrians crossing the crosswalk crosswalk, must comply with the provisions of the light: when the green light, allowing pedestrians, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk when the green light flashes, but has entered the crosswalk, you can continue to visit; red light, not allowed to enter the crosswalk. And note: even if the lights turn green, you should see whether the vehicle stops and then cross the road.

4, a pedestrian bridge or tunnel, pedestrians crossing the road to take the footbridge or tunnel, do not cross the street and the highway.

5, line up on the road, each line does not allow more than two quick through the queue from the crosswalk, crosswalk, should go straight through the long string of the team, when necessary, can be temporarily interrupted until the car past, and then continue through.

Second, pedestrian bridge

In the busy city of pedestrians, pedestrians and vehicles, especially in order to ensure smooth and safe pedestrians and vehicles, set up a majestic and beautiful pedestrian bridge, the safest pedestrian crossing the road in the pedestrian bridge.

Third, road and traffic signals

Road traffic signal is divided into: light signal lane, sidewalk optical signal optical signal, traffic baton signal, gesture. As follows:

1, the light signal green light, allowing vehicles, pedestrians and vehicles will not allow interference with vehicles and pedestrian access directly; when yellow light, from vehicles, pedestrians, vehicles have crossed the stop line and pedestrians have entered the crosswalk, can continue to visit; Light vehicle traffic, pedestrian green arrow light, allowing the vehicle to enter the direction of the arrows; flashing yellow lights, vehicles, pedestrians, to ensure the safety of the following channels. Right turn the vehicle and the right side of the t-shaped cross section of the cross-line straight vehicles to prevent the first three, without affecting the vehicles and pedestrians, the traffic is released. The first two provisions should apply equally to the staff line up to catch, ride the livestock.

2, green arrows lane light signal light, lane on the vehicle permits, red-shaped light, this lane vehicle traffic access.

3, pedestrian street light signal green light, allowing pedestrians crossing; when the green light flashes, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk, but has entered the crosswalk, you can continue to visit; red light, pedestrians are not allowed to enter the crosswalk.

Fourth, road traffic isolation facilities

Road traffic isolation facilities public transport traffic management in urban roads with certain building materials to make objects for individual vehicles and vehicles, pedestrians and vehicles, and they specify the route traffic. Road traffic isolation facilities include green spaces, pedestrian fences and roadside. Installed on the sidewalk, non-motorized lanes and sidewalks of the pedestrian fence used to protect the safety of pedestrians walking on the sidewalk to prevent pedestrians crossing the road or to the slow lane. It is forbidden to cross the pedestrian crossing to prevent accidents. Road on both sides of the concrete piers and pipe connections. Fast and slow lines between the center side of the road, for a separate downstream alley. Set the roadside, is conducive to traffic lanes, prevailing, to ensure safe and stable.

Fifth, the collective go out

School on the road, the need for discipline in an orderly manner, in the escort under the teachers walking on the sidewalk. Cross the road, leaving the crosswalk. We go walkway. No sidewalk, walking on the roadside. Walking, thinking, walking or reading, rather than walking in small groups side by side, but can not catch the car farce. Collective travel, leading teachers, arranged in two rows, walking on the sidewalk. Do not leave the party. Do not you push me to pull the ranks, playing farce. Without prejudice to traffic safety, traffic congestion does not set the team to stay in order not to affect others through. A road, crosswalk. There is no cross section to view the traffic, grab the time when the vehicle is in motion.

Children under 12 years old are not allowed to ride a bike

Complex urban roads, vehicle range, due to lack of life experience for children, toughness, the People 's Republic of China road traffic regulations clearly pointed out: "Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride a bike on the road.

Seven, riding a bike to comply with traffic rules

Riding a bike on the road, must focus on thinking, leading to the hands of residents. Travel in a non-locomotive beam, was allowed to enter the motorway. Turn, need to see from the car, gestures, can not suddenly shaking.

Eight, do not play the car, do not crane

Some students are free to play parked vehicles, and even cheered the middle of the road, car chase, cranes, throwing stones to the taxi's car, in order to make music. In fact, this is a very dangerous move, most likely to cause accidents, and no moral.

Nine, civilized ride order

The bus is very busy shuttle to the passenger party. The car can not be forgotten as an orderly traffic laws. Open the car crowded, young and old high fashion. Riding a civilization to ensure safety. Such as buses, waiting for the platform in an orderly manner. In a parked car, so people in the car under the first, then open the car, not chaos. Take the initiative to buy tickets on the bus, met the elderly and sick, holding a baby should put the seat. Vehicles in motion, sitting or standing, clenched railing, fall to prevent emergency braking. Can not head and hands out the window, not in the compartment shouting, the fruit skin, paper, is a civilized passenger.

10, pedestrians should comply with traffic laws and public morals

1, consciously abide by the traffic rules, take the initiative to avoid the normal operation of the vehicle on the road. Block family members, neighborhood lanes and build a stall, dry grain, Sai Tso and playground, so as not to block traffic.

2, to prohibit climbing cars on the road, car chase, forcing the object or object to be hit by the car. Do not inhabitants pour sewage, throw stones, curse, zabo more right, poke tires. Non-set stones, sticks and other obstacles on the road, and do not allow mining, destruction of roads, railway embankment roads and block roads, railways.

4, Prohibited to pull down, destroy the trees along the roads, railways, rivers.

It is forbidden to climb or stand on the sidewalk between the fence and the roadway, the roadside, but also the fence, the side of the road and other transport facilities such as lights, signs, markings and other damage. Above acts are illegal activities, prohibited

6, encounter a deaf, dumb, blind and difficult elderly, take the initiative to help guide them according to road rules action.

7, encountered an accident, active police, to help adults to protect the scene of the accident, take the initiative to do more to help the victims, such as vehicles led to an accident and attempt to escape, to be alert to write its license plate number and characteristics, traffic police report timely Vulnerability, in position, in any case are not allowed to throw money in a car accident in the car, roadside private items.

Eleven, the passenger's public morality

Take the car to comply with public order, open and close, should carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, help others, young and old, do not grab seats, take the initiative to the elderly, children, patients, disabled, pregnant women, civilized passenger seat, active Ticket, by recounting, actively cooperate with the help of drivers, conductor to maintain a good car order.

12, warning signs

Driving unfamiliar roads, it is impossible to know that there is a potential danger in front. The role of the warning sign is to promptly remind the driver of the changes in the front road and road conditions and have sufficient time to take the necessary action to ensure that the safety of driving reaches the point of danger. Warning sign yellow background color, black border, black pattern. The shape of the warning sign is an equilateral triangle with a sharp corners upwards. Warning signs a total of 42 signs. Than the original GB 9 new signature:

1, narrow bridge sign;

2, pay attention to livestock signs;

3, pavement signs;

4, some people guard the railway signs;

5, slash sign sign;

6, pay attention to non-motor vehicle signs;

7, accident prone to road signs;