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Five high-speed strike in our province to crack all kinds of traffic violations

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July 4,3,life reporter from the provincial traffic police corps highway detachment was informed that from now until the end of 2017, the traffic police department will be in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan double, Kazakhstan, Harbin and Harbin Airport Expressway To carry out the "Thunder action", from a strict investigation and prosecution of a number of securities involved in the license, alcohol driving and passenger transport vehicles traffic violations, strict detention and exposure of a number of serious traffic violations drivers, focus on exposure of a number of safety production main responsibility And dynamic monitoring responsibility is not implemented passenger and freight transport enterprises.

It is understood that duty police use cameras, camcorders, law enforcement instruments and other equipment, timely fixed traffic violations of evidence, serious traffic violations to be found together, investigated and dealt with, for the discovery of the card involved, drunk driving and other serious Traffic violations, the fine of all fines, the deduction of the deduction of all the seizure, the detention of all detention. As at 3:00 on the 3rd, were investigated and dealt with all kinds of traffic violations 93, temporarily detained vehicles 19, temporary driver's license 1, investigate and deal with overcrowding a vehicle, suspected of 16 suspected illegal acts, investigate and deal with non-compulsory insurance vehicles 2 Taiwan, administrative detention 1 person.